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What  can we get from e-waste recycling?

प्रकाशित तिथि: 2019-04-21

What can we get from e-waste recycling? E-waste contain many useful and even expensive materials, and in a complex electronic accessory, there are more than 60 elements of the periodic table. Take the waste computer and mobile phone as example!

The outer casing of the electronic waste contains metal such as aluminum and iron, and the circuit board, the wire and cable contain copper, and can be recycled after being refined. Of all the e-waste, the most valuable is the used computer.

According to reports, the amount of gold mining is limited, so the extraction of gold from electronic waste has become an important renewable resource production industry. In the used computer, the CPU and the memory stick contain gold components, and a used computer can generate 0.2 grams of gold. Based on this calculation, 10 gold recycled gold can make a gold ring. According to professionals, 300 grams of gold can be extracted per ton of used computers. According to the current market of second-hand gold, refining 1 gram of gold can earn 40 dollars, then 300g of gold extracted from a piece of electronic waste can earn 12,000 dollars!The total amount of gold extracted from used computers worldwide has exceeded the amount of gold extracted per year.This means we can get huge profits from e-waste recycling!

The computer update cycle is short. Taking Nanjing as an example, it can generate 2,000 waste computers every day. The precious metal recycling market has great potential. However, industry insiders said that the extraction of gold from used computers must undergo a professional extraction process, mainly through chemical extraction, while some informal channels are extracted by incineration and acid immersion, which is very harmful to the environment and leads to soil and groundwater pollution.

The hardware part of the mobile phone will release harmful substances in the decomposition, but by properly handling it, it can also turn waste into treasure  like the waste computer.

We live in an ever-changing era of science and technology and will continue to purchase the latest and most advanced digital devices in the future. The extensive elimination of old equipment alone is inevitably unsustainable,  going green and environmental protection is becoming more and more important. It is foreseeable that a large number of technological products will be properly reused, which will require a good technology to recycle the electronic waste to useful product again.